Potential of Biosphere Reserveユネスコエコパークの可能性

松井 淳  Matsui Kiyoshi
奈良教育大学 教授 Professor of Nara University of Education


Biosphere Reserve express the will to work for “realization of sustainable society utilizing natural blessing” through collaboration among towns and villages around the core ecosystem. Information on their local living and social activities are issued through UNESCO. This system not only supports the environmentally-conscious activities, but also provides the opportunity for reviewing the wisdom and culture of utilizing natur’s inherited gifts. It is also a chance for creating local brands.
Promoting and accrediting the natural beauty of Core Are’s will help revitalize tourism in these areas through increased name recognition. Research and educational activities for protecting nature will be a new motive for attracting young people from urban areas Ecotours for learning the mechanism of ecosystems and the problems they face, tourism for volunteers participating in monitoring surveys and nature restoring activities, CSR activities and so forth are provided across adjacent municipal districts. Challenges in management and restoration of ecosystems should be dealt with better by collaborating across this larger area, unifying efforts to a common cause.