What is Biosphere Reserve ?ユネスコエコパークとは

「ユネスコエコパーク」は、豊かな生態系や生物多様性を守りながら文化的・経済的・社会的に持続可能な発展を目指している地域として、国際連合教育科学文化機関「ユネスコ」が認定している「生物圏保存地域(Biosphere Reserve)」の日本での通称です。「世界自然遺産」が原生の自然環境保護を目的とするのに対し、「ユネスコエコパーク」の目的は、生態系の保全と持続可能な利活用の調和。すなわち自然と人間社会の共生を目指す取り組みなのです。
A “Biosphere Reserve” is an area aimed at culturally, economically and socially sustainable development that protects rich ecosystems and biodiversity designated by UNESCO. While the purpose of “the World Natural Heritage” is to protect virgin natural environment, it also seeks to balance protection of ecosystems and sustainable utilization, i.e., coexistence between nature and human society.

131 countries and 727 areas have been registered as Biosphere Reserves in the world as of September 2021.

3つの機能と3つのゾーンThree functions, three zones


“Biosphere Reserve” has 3 functions:“protecting biodiversit”“supporting scholarly researc”, and“developing economy and societ”. To realize such functions, the three zones,“Core Are”,“Buffer Zon”, and“Transition Are” are set.

  • 核心地域Core Area

    Core Area for protecting biodiversity

    A “Core Area” holds diversified ecosystems, and is considered the most important for protecting biodiversity. Strictly protected by laws for a long period.

  • 緩衝地域Buffer Zone

    Buffer Zone for supporting scholarly research

    A “Buffer Zone” is a buffer for a Core Area. Used for surveys and research for sustainable development, ecotourism, and environmental education.

  • 移行地域Transition Area

    Transition Area for developing economy and society

    A “Transition Area” can be a model for living with nature. In this area, they try to develop local communities and conduct economic activities in a sustainable way.


日本ユネスコエコパークネットワーク(JBRN)に加盟していますWe are a members of the Japanese Biosphere Reserves Network (JBRN)


This network promotes interregional cooperation of Biosphere Reserves activities in Japan. Responding to issues that can not be dealt with in a single area. Also encourages society, and develops human beings and biosphere based on the philosophy of Bisophere Reserves ,etc.,. We aim to build a better relationship with you.

日本ユネスコエコパークネットワーク Japanese Biosphere Reserves Network