町から林業の再構築を目指す。Aiming to restructure forestry from the town

谷 茂則  Tani Shigenori
谷林業株式会社 Tani Forestry Co.
チャイムの鳴る森 Forest where the bell chimes


Tani Forestry has managed forest land since the mid-Edo period, and now it owns and maintains about 1500ha of sugi and hinoki in Yoshino County in the southern part of Nara Prefecture and about 30ha of brush around Kita-Katsuragi County in the northern part of Nara Prefecture.
The reason forestry developed the Yoshino area in the Edo Period is the super-excellent business model which created the forest in harmony with nature while securing the market that changed with the times and maintaining the distribution and operation systems. However, such a business model is coming to a deadlock. Thin demand, unprepared infrastructure, an operation system that spread to other areas, weakened originality of the material, weak prices, and a reduced number of technical experts have undermined operation of the business.
However, it can be rephrased that if we can secure new markets and prepare distribution and operation systems, there is the possibility that an excellent business can be created using time and space efficiently like the 300 year old Yoshino Forestry.
Therefore, Tani Forestry considers it necessary to create a cycle in which wood is used by more townspeople and started activities in urban areas while working on usual efforts such as improvement of worksite infrastructure, education of people, and growing forest.
One of these events is named “Forest where the bell chime” held at Yoraku no Mori Forest in Kita-Katsuragi County in Nara Prefecture. It is co-hosted with a couple running the cafe Nanatsumori, and features shops of food and drink and handcrafts, performances by musicians, and exhibition of artist’ works. In such an environment, we set up tree decks , hold chain saw art and forestry demonstrations, and ask arborists and tree doctors to participate in exchanges with a lot of people who are not involved in forestry. Now we are trying to make this event permanent, and working to form a concept for realizing“creation of mountains linked with the marke” in collaboration with the government, welfare and medical care, corporations such as a real estate company and a beverage manufacturer, designers and so forth We’d like to create a society where people are connected to the forest at any point in their daily life, and to make having part of the forest becomes a status symbol. If this is realized, it becomes possible to solve all problems in the world. We are very excited for such a possibility