Green action

健やかな製品を買うBuy healthy products

Purchasing goods which were produced sustainably in Biosphere Reserve means voting for creating a healthy future by maintaining forests, reducing environmental load, and supporting traditional culture and the techniques of artisans.

やまりん製茶 大台茶
Odai tea of Yamarin Tea
This is the main product of Yamarin Tea, which has manufactured tea by completely pesticide-free organic farming utilizing natural blessings since 1978. The standard green tea harvested in the middle of the season is 550 yen per 100g (price including tax).
259, Tochihara, Odai Town, Taki County, Mie Pref.
TEL : 0598-85-0580
新屋製箸所 吉野杉箸
新屋製箸所 吉野杉箸
Yoshino-sugi chopsticks of Shinya Seihashisyo
The disposable chopsticks made of lumber remnants of Yoshino sugi without using chemicals. The wood waste produced during the process is also utilized as fuel for drying the products, and nothing of the blessings from the mountains is wasted.
214-39, Shirakawa, Kamikitayama Village, Yoshino County, Nara Pref.
TEL : 07468-2-0059
大峯山陀羅尼助製薬 陀羅尼助丸
大峯山陀羅尼助製薬 陀羅尼助丸
Daranisukegan of Ominesan Daranisuke Seiyaku
A traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine passed down from ancient times. Its main ingredient is taken from Amur cork trees. It is said to be a secret medicine of practitioners of mountaineering asceticism. There are as many as 13 shops within the Dorogawa community.
485-1, Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino County, Nara Pref.
TEL : 0747-64-0848
ウッドウォームズ 丸太遊具
ウッドウォームズ 丸太遊具
Log playground equipment manufactured by Wood Warmth
Various kinds of log playground equipment for children such as swings, horizontal bars, balance beams, etc. are manufactured using domestic timber taken from weeded-out trees. Even the antiseptics have as little toxicity as sugar.
438, Shimoikehara, Shimokitayama Village, Yoshino County, Nara Pref.
TEL : 07468-2-0087
貝谷製麺所 手延べ素麺
貝谷製麺所 手延べ素麺
Handmade thin noodles of Kaitani Seimensho
No chemicals like insecticide or antiseptic are used. Very thin handmade noodles are manufactured in midwinter using spring water from Odaigahara and Mount Omine.
997, Takahara, Kawakami Village, Yoshino County, Nara Pref.
TEL : 0746-52-0550
柿の専門 柿菓子
柿の専門 柿菓子
Kakinosenmon Persimmon sweets
This is the only specialty shop of persimmons in Japan. The Horenbo persimmon trees naturally growing in the Yoshino area are processed by a traditional method called Tsurushi-gaki (hanged persimmons) and become the sweet called Kyosyu-no-Kaki. It was selected for “The ultimate world-class souvenirs” hosted by the Japan Tourism Agency.
458, Yatsukawa, Nishiyosniho Town, Gojo City, Nara Pref. TEL : 0747-34-0518