Recommendation by local people地域の関係者に聞いたおすすめスポット

  • 清流茶屋Seiryu tea house

    This shop is run by a local fishermen’s union. You can enjoy sweetfish at a stand overlooking Miyagawa River and feel the wind from the river. Local cuisine like ayu grilled with salt, deep-fried ayu, sashimi, and thin noodles with Japanese soup stock made from ayu is served at reasonable prices.

    細渕 直代
    Hosobuchi Naoyo
    NPO法人 大杉谷自然学校
    Npo Corporation Osugidani Nature School

    397-8, Takiya, Odai Town, Taki County, Mie Pref.
    TEL : 0598-77-2110 11:00–15:00
    定休日 Closed—月 Mon. (6/1-9/30のみ営業 Open during June 1-Sep. 30)