Recommendation by local people地域の関係者に聞いたおすすめスポット

  • 西大台調整地区Nishi-Odai coordination district

    Nishi-Odai was designated as a Use Coordination District for the first time in Japan, and it is an area where you can experience various animals and plants in silence. It has the largest beech forest in western Japan, which is a gentle forest fostered by abundant rainfall where colors, wind, and sound change very moderately according to the change of the seasons.

    岩本 泉治
    Iwamoto Senji
    Nara Mountain Guides Association

    Kamikitayama Village, Yoshino County, Nara Pref.
    TEL : 07468-3-0070(上北山村商工会 Kamikitayama village association of commerce)
    ¥1,000 8:30-17:00
    定休日 Closed—11月下旬–4月上旬 Late November -
    Late April *申請なしの入山はできません You cannot
    enter the mountain without application.